Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos

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This is the full-page ad published in the Washington Post on April 30, 2012, demanding freedom for the Cuban Five. Hundreds of thousands of people will see this vital message.

Donate today as we continue the crucial work to free
Gerardo, Ramón, Antonio, Fernando and René! Click here and
add your name to the list of donors below.

On April 30, 2012, we published a full-page ad in the Washington Post. The cost of the ad (shown at right) was more than $40,000. Through your donation and that of many other organizations and individuals, together we can help make the Cuban Five's freedom struggle a public debate in Washington, as we did with the New York Times full-page ad in March 2004. Already, our European friends in Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Argentina, Spain, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Canada, Belgium, England, Mexico, Ireland, and throughout the United States, have made significant contributions.

The National Committee to Free the Cuban Five has been arduously working for the freedom of the Five since June 2001, soon after their unjust conviction.

All the work of the committee is done by volunteers, and the funds we raise are used for organizing support for the Five: publicity, forums, protests, media publicity and press conferences, to pay for newspaper advertisements exposing the Five's case, and much more.

An extremely important project we are spearheading is research and investigation on secret U.S. government payments to Miami journalists, who covered the Five's trial in an extremely biased manner. This new evidence is a major part of the Five’s new legal appeals.

Click below to make an on-line donation. If you wish to make an electronic transfer, email us at

Donate Here Online:

Select one of these amounts and click the "Add to Cart" button below it. To donate a different amount, you'll adjust the "quantity" of the item later. For example, if you want to donate $200, click the $100 button, and then, in the "shopping cart" which appears, change the quantity to "2" and click the "Update Cart" button.

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Online (tax-deductible donations, U.S. taxpayers only):

Click this button, and then enter the amount you wish to donate in the "Price" column:

By check or money order:

Make check or money order payable to Five Freedom Fund

Mail to:

National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
2969 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

By tax-deductible check of $100 or more (U.S. only):

Make check payable to Progress Unity Fund/FFF

Mail to:

National Committee to Free the Cuban Five
2969 Mission St.
San Francisco, CA 94110

By wire transfer:

Call (415) 821-6545 or contact us for instructions

Thank you to the donors who helped pay for this important ad:

Jorge Abad Gil; Martha Acevedo; Doris Adcock; Oscar & Olga Albuerne; Marilyn Alpert; Sara Alchermes; Jorge Aldeguer Alamo; Jahahara Alkebulan-Ma'At; Dina D. Angress; Anonymous; Frank Ansley; ANSWER Coalition; Barbra Apfelbaum; Asociación de Amistad con Cuba Miguel Hernández; Associazione Nazionale di Amicizia Italia-Cuba; Andrew Augustine; Carlos P. Avitia; Mary E. Ayers; Richard Babin; Rosemary Bagwell; Christopher Banks; Barakat-Allah Management; Irvine And Rhia Barat; Gianfranco Barresi; Basta Ya! Germany-Cuba solidarity network; William Bault; Michelle Bellasis; Lincoln Bergman; Andrew Berman; Marcia Lynn Bertholf; Magda Best; Cecilia Bianchi; David Bicking; Heidi Boghosian; Jahaziel Bonilla; Elden & Dottie Boothe; Sandra Bradman; David E. Brast; Sally Breiter; Farrell Brody; George A. Bryant; Arnold Burdick; Sarah Carlson; Ruth Caspell; Arman Chakerian; Ronald Christensen; Jessy Clediere; Sebastien Clediere; Frank T. Cloak Jr.; Glenn Combs; Wendell Conn; Fernando del Corro; Margaret Coulter; Matt Courter; Eugene Craig; Conrad Cromwell; Cuba Solidarity Campaign; Virginia & Edwin Daniel; Patricia De Larios Peyton; Fernando Jose Del Corro; Paul G. & Phyllis A. Denit; Margaret M. & William Deschene; James Dildine; Helmut Dobelstein; Aline Dollat; Lidia Beatriz Donnini; Rebecca Doran; Rochelle & Alvin Dorfman; East Bay Peace Action; Steve Eckhardt; EDS Production; Gerald Eising; Brian Everette; Lucien Fabre; Lenore Feigenbaum; Dean Felch; Rosa L. Fernández; Bernard Fox; France-Cuba: All the organizations in the Association, president: André Minier; Jane Franklin; Fremont Ave; Bernice Funk; Alejandro Galdo; Anne Gamboni; Alejandro García; Arthur Gelmis; Mark Giese; Dennis Gilbert; John Gilman; Danilo & Maria Angélica Giordani; José del Giudice; Gregory P. Godels; Frederick S Golan; Andrés Gómez; Jorge Gómez; Humberto González Bernal; John Gorman; Greater Hartford Coalition on Cuba; Gigi Green; Gerard Guay; Ilse Hadda; Melissa Ann Hafez; Jeff Haggarty; Mark Hamilton; Eugene & Nora Hammond; Gail Harper; Michael Hawkins; Arthur Heitzer; Dolores R. Helman; Eve Hershcopf; Gualdo Hidalgo; Christine Hildebrand; Douglas M. Hodge; Josephine Hoffmann; Alexander B. Holar; Ron Holladay; Nathalie Hrizi; Hobart Hukill; Jeri Hunt; R. D. Hunter; Janet Hunter Smith; Joan Intrator; Steven Patt & Deborah Jamison; Tihomir Jankovic; Patricia Jefferson; Suzanne Jenkins; Manuel & Nidia Jerez; Jay Johnson; Kendra Johnson: Loretta M. Johnson; Robert K. & Joycelyn A. Johnson; Ian Jones; Laura Kaplan; Kathe Karlson; Joanne B. Katzen; Doris J. Katzen; Carole D. Keller; Robert Kimbrough; Glenn Kirkindall; Thomas Kleven; James Klimaski; Billie Knepper; Brett Knupfer; Komitee-Österreich "FREE THE FIVE"; Cheryl Kozanitas; Elliot Kralj; Brent Kramer; Gregory Lamotta; James Langlois; Gloria La Riva; Anthony Lavalais; Philippe Le Roux; James Leven; Kathleen Lipscomb; Mick Loosemore; Juanita López Rodríguez; Roger Lowenstein; William Lowry; Jay Lyon; Wakean Maclean; Virginia O. Maher; Carl Makower; Jorge Maluf Gutiérrez; John Martínez; Annette Mateu Casado; Damien Mathew; Jenny Mathews; Jose Mauri-Blanco; Linda McDowell; Ciaran McGeough; Lorraine McNeil; Nick Medvecky; Sigrid Meinel; Linda Méndez; Kathleen Merrigan; Robert D. Metcalf; Toya Mileno; Peter Milne; Ann Milner; Walter Molina; Carol I. Moller; Jean M. Mont-Eton; William Montross; Valentina Morasky; Herve Mouleyre; Jon Britton & Susan Muysenberg; Nancy Myers; Michael O. Nimkoff; Daryl Odefey; Francis J. & Lenora S. O'Donnell; Lennart Odström; Cindy O’Hara; Lázaro Otón; Jose X. Padilla; Fernando Palomares; James A. & Elaine D. Papez; Steven Patt; Keith Pavlik; Rosa Peñate; Paul Perkins; Tina L. Phillips; Phogg Phoundation for the Pursuit of Happiness; Arthur M. Pierson Ph.D.; Francisco Planes; Popular Education Project; Thomas Power; Frank Pratta; Dolores Priem; Progress Lawyers Network, Belgium; Marla Puziss; Frances Rachel; Jan Ralske; Hansel Ramírez Rodríguez; Benjamin Ramos; Raza Faculty & Staff; Tamara Andrianova Recor; Wayne Richmond; Faythe A. & Richard J. Rittenhouse; Merilie Robertson; Margaret Roney; Italo Rosati; Jacqueline Roussie; Jorge Ruffinelli; Paul Rutland; William Ryan; San Diego Committee To Free the Five; Anusheh Sanaee; Omar Sánchez; John P. Santos; Patricia Sax; Frank Scafani; Barbara J. Schanberg; Ingrid Schanche; Ann Schepper; Kurt Schmoke; Michelle Schudel; George W Schuyler; Carole Seligman; Susan Severin; Daniel & Yolangis Shertzer; Adam Shope; Mary Shortall; Laurence & Suzanne Baker Shoup; Rael Silva; Sharon Skup; J. P. Somersaulter; William L. & Patricia Spicer; Beatrice Stern; Roger Stoll; Students for Cuba c/o Gary Prevost; Robert Sweet; Aris Terzis; David Thomas; Corrine Thornton; Walter & Helen Tillow; José Toro-Alfonso; Alonzo Torres; Benjamin Torres; Guadalupe Torres; Dante & Cindy Torres; Lou & Joan Truskoff; Dom Tuminaro; Zbigniew Adam Uminski; Vancouver Free the Cuban Five Committee; Angelo A Vassos; Martine & Vaugien Gadbois; Luis Vazquez; Frank Velgara; Nalda Vigezzi; Kees Wagtendonk; Victor Wallis; Frank And Jo Ann Walter; Joseph K. Wasserman; Anita Waters; Vivian Weinstein; Tobey Wiebe; Ellen Zwebe


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