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Cuban Interests Section responds to Washington Post

Dec. 14, 2012

Cuban Interests Section

More than a week after its publishing of a vicious editorial against Cuba (No deal with Havana), and after we had timely submitted to its Letters to the Editor a succinct response to that editorial, yesterday the Washington Post suggested that we acquiesce to their printing today of an unacceptable, further edited-down, one paragraph version of our response.

Then, to no surprise, the Post publishes today a hefty account by some reader justifying their anti-Cuba editorial ranting.

Just so that our position is known regarding that editorial, below we include our short, un-edited, un-published response to the Washington Post and ask that you consider it for further public awareness.

Press Office
Cuban Interests Section
Washington DC


Ref: Your Editorial No Deal with Havana

I will not comment about your misrepresentation of facts. I will invite the WP readers to click here to get the Cuban position and set the record straight.

It seems to me that most Americans will find difficult to accept the logic of your statement advocating for further punishment to Cuba after 50 years of failure. The US economic blockade against Cuba continues to be the most
comprehensive, sophisticated system of unilateral sanctions on earth. Besides the cruelty of mistreating a neighbor people like this there is the clear reality that "steps to punish" do not work with Cuba.

By the way I found very interesting your stories about talking with the Taliban and everyone else to find humanitarian solutions involving prisoners.

Sincerely ,

Juan Jacomino
Press Secretary
Cuban Interests Section
Washington DC


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