Comité Nacional por la Libertad de los Cinco Cubanos

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Other Media Coverage


  1. Más Tiempo para Caso de Supuesto Complot, El Nuevo Herald, August 14, 1998, JUAN O. TAMAYO
  2. FBI: Spies Among Us Suspects Attempted to Blend In, The Miami Herald, September 15, 1998, MANNY GARCIA, CYNTHIA CORZO, and IVONNE PEREZ
  3. Crackdown may signal new tactics, The Miami Herald, September 15, 1998, JUAN O. TAMAYO
  4. FBI Viró al Revez Casa de Supuesto Cabecilla, El Nuevo Herald, September 15, 1998, JAVIER LYONNET and OLANCE NOGUERAS
  5. Alleged Cuban spies did little damage, Pentagon Says, The Miami Herald, September 16, 1998, MANNY GARCIA, CAROL ROSENBERG, CYNTHIA CORZO
  6. Rush of Spy-Watching Follows FBI Arrests in South Florida, The Miami Herald, September 16, 1998, FABIOLA SANTIAGO
  7. FBI Agent Details Cuba Spy Evidence, The Associated Press, September 17, 1998, CATHERINE WILSON
  8. Accused Spies Were Told to Blend In, Aberdeen American News (SD), September 21, 1998, CYNTHIA CORZO
  9. Expertos Creen Que Cuba Vendía Información de Espías, El Nuevo Herald, September 21, 1998, OLANCE NOGUERAS
    (English translation: Experts believe that Cuba sold information of spies)
  10. U.S. urges clampdown on Cuban exile’s terrorist actions, The Miami Herald, September 30, 1998, JUAN O. TAMAYO and GLENN GARVIN
  11. Caso de Red de Espías Trae Cola, El Nuevo Herald, November 13, 1998, DAVID KIDWELL
  12. U.S. Braces for Retaliation Over Cuba “Spy” Expulsion, The Miami Herald, December 24, 1998, JUAN O. TAMAYO


  1. U.S.’s Inconsistency Weakens Its Stand on Human Rights, El Nuevo Herald, April 8, 1999, DANIEL MORCATE
  2. Fliers’ Kin Win a Way to Collect Shoot-down Ruling Targets Money Owed Cuba by Firms, The Miami Herald, March 19, 1999, DAVID LYONS and JUAN O. TAMAYO
  3. Los Espías Cubanos Infiltraron a Grupos del Exilio, El Nuevo Herald, April 28, 1999, JUAN O. TAMAYO Families of Fliers Win Key Ruling, Sun-Sentinel, March 19, 1999, LUISA YANEZ
  4. Cuban Spies Linked to Shootdown: Indictment Says Ring Tried to Manipulate FBI, Legislators, Sun Sentinel, May 8, 1999, DANA CALVO, JAY WEAVER, and LUISA YANEZ
  5. Agente Cubano Planeó el Derribo, The Miami Herald, May 8, 1999, JUAN O. TAMAYO
  6. Cuban Spy Indictment Charges Filed In Downing of Exile Fliers Castro Agents in Miami Cited by U.S. Grand Jury, The Miami Herald, May 8, 1999, DAVID LYONS
  7. Cuban Spy Indictment Charges Filed In Downing of Exile: Fliers Top Spy Planned Brothers Ambush, The Miami Herald, May 8, 1999, JUAN O. TAMAYO
  8. Crimen Imperfecto, El Nuevo Herald, May 13, 1999, DANIEL MORCATE (English translation)


  1. Jury Selection Starts In Cuban Spy Case, The Miami Herald, November 28, 2000, HERALD STAFF
  2. No Exiles on Cuban Spying Trial Jury, The Miami Herald, December 6, 2000, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  3. Cuba spy tales diverge in Miami federal court, The Sun-Sentinel, Web-posted 12:23 a.m. Dec. 7, 2000, VANESSA BAUZÁ
  4. 5 Called “Eyes, Ears” of Castro: Role in Shootdown Alleged at Spy Trial, The Miami Herald, December 7, 2000, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  5. Testimony Offers Peak Into Spy Biz: Defendants Accused Of Cuban Espionage, The Miami Herald, December 12, 2000, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  6. Jurors View Photos in Spy Trial, The Miami Herald, December 13, 2000, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  7. FBI Agent Outlines Moves, Tools of Accused Cuban Spies, The Miami Herald, December 14, 2000, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  8. News Organizations Seek Access to Documents in Cuban Spy Trial, The Miami Herald, December 15, 2000, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  9. Agent Describes Alleged Cuban Spies’ Tools, Methods, The Miami Herald, December 16, 2000, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  10. Spy Trial Unmasks Cuba Secrets, The Miami Herald, December 20, 2000, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  11. Messages May Have Warned of Shoot-Down FBI Intercept of Cuban Radio Calls Weren’t Sent On, Clinton Advisor Says, The Miami Herald, December 23, 2000, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  12. Cuban Spying Tactics Unveiled Secret Files Used Against Five on Trial, The Miami Herald, December 25, 2000, ALFONSO CHARDY and GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  13. **U.S. Denies Knowing of Shoot-Down Threat Messages Decoded Later, Lawyer Says, The Miami Herald, December 28, 2000, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES


  1. Crimen sin castigo, Diario las Américas, February 10,1001, MARIO LLERENA
  2. Jurors Hear Tape of Cuban MIG pilot, The Miami Herald, February 16, 2001, ALFONSO CHARDY
  3. Brothers Plane Shoot-Down a Castro Trap? The Miami Herald, February 24, 2001, ALFONSO CHARDY
  4. La Habana dió tarde la voz de alarma a los presuntos espías, El Nuevo Herald, March 3, 2001, RUI FERREIRA
  5. Basulto testifies on role as anti-Castro operative, The Miami Herald, March 13, 2001, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  6. Basulto: I Saw MIG, Kept Flying, The Miami Herald, March 15, 2001, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES and ALFONSO CHARDY
  7. Cuba aiding U.S. laywers in high-stakes espionage trial, The Miami Herald, April 13, 2001, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  8. Cuban Spies Convited: Sweeping Espionage Verdicts Include Murder of Fliers; Exiles Call for Castro’s Indictment in Air Deaths, The Miami Herald, June 9, 2001, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES and ALFONSO CHARDY
  9. Juror: Spy Trial Nearly Stalled, The Miami Herald, June 11, 2001, LUISA YANEZ
  10. Espías en la Sopa, El Nuevo Herald, June 14, 1001, DANIEL MORCATE
  11. Arrestarán a Más Espías Cubanos, El Nuevo Herald, July 10, 2001, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  12. Reconocen la Labor del FBI en el Caso de los Espías Cubanos, El Nuevo Herald, July 13, 2001, JORGE JOSE RODRIGUEZ
  13. Castro es un Criminal Confeso, El Nuevo Herald, August 25, 2001, DE LA REDACCIÓN DE EL NUEVO HERALD
  14. Couple Belonged to Cuba Spy Ring, FBI Says, The Miami Herald, September 1, 2001, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES, LESLEY CLARK and SARA OLKON
  15. Castrismo en el Pentágono, El Nuevo Herald, October 4, 2001, DANIEL MORCATE


  1. Cuban Pair Convicted of Spying Receive Federal Prison Sentences, The Miami Herald, January 5, 2002, GAIL EPSTEIN NIEVES
  2. For Fliers’ Relatives, Indictments Offer Some Relief, The Miami Herald, August 22, 2003, ELAINE DE VALLE



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